This is the new PKIsigning. A different user experience, but with the same reliable digital signatures,
approvals and secure sharing methods. The way of working has changed: it’s organized around your
work . People you invite for an action on the document will experience the convenience, especially on
the mobile phone. Here are the main changes you should be aware of:

Start with “new request” on the top. There you choose the type of workflow. For example, a simple process to share a document or a more complex process consisting of multiple documents and signatures.
Follow the steps associated with the selected workflow as instructed by the wizard. Signature positions are dynamically draggable across page breaks. If you add attachments, approval (action) is always required.
Type your own message upon the request, including salutation. This way you can use the style of address that suits you best. You can also completely personalize the layout of the platform and messages with ‘branding’.
The dashboard has been updated: you can search, filter and sort. By means of colors, progress bars and information about the action holder(s) you have faster insight.