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Discover the new PKIsigning

Mobile as starting point

New interface

Proces driven

Smart features

We have been working on a completely new user experience for the past year for PKIsigning. Because we believe that it can be even better.

With the new platform you can digitally sign and securely share data and documents even easier. 

The user interface on the platform has been totally rethought and redesigned. This gives an improved experience for your clients!

The new PKIsigning also forms the base for the next steps in growing and extending our platform. There is more to come.

Join us on this journey and try it today. 🚀

What you can expect

We have reinvented digital signing. More convenience for you and your client.
Discover what this means for you and how you can help your organisation to move forward using this improvements.

Customer centered design

Complete redesign for an optimal mobile user experience


Workflows for standard signing processes


Security and legal compliancy are #1 priority


New ways to personalise emails


Better dashboards for monitoring of actions

Integrated management functions

Settings screens are smartly integrated


Essential introduction

Watch the video explanation

We recommend you to watch at least this mini video. In this three-minute video, Tom from PKIsigning briefly explains what is usefull and necessary to know about the new PKIsigning. You can click ahead to parts that are of interest to you. This way, you quickly discover the (new) features. To learn more, you can sign up for one of the webinars.

In 3 minutes the basics • short explanation for users


Important changes

View the timeline for important data

☑️ All request are now configured based on a workflow. You choose a workflow first, and then you are guided through the making of a request.

☑️ The notification option for people who need to complete an action has been changed to a personal salution for the email invitation, which can be chosen separately per person.

☑️ Every document must always contain an action. If an attachment is included, this needs to be approved to ensure better legal substaintion. This is enforced by the workflows.

☑️ All requests are presented in one overview in the dashboard. There you will also find new filter, sort and selection options. Also for deleted items.

All setting and configurations are automatically copied from the current environment, expect for branding (formerly known as white label). Our customer support team will personally help you to set this up. After the conversion you have a lot of extra possibilities to configure the platform according to your own design wishes.

 Extra support and guidance • Switch over April 1st at the latest.

Prepare smartly

Enrol in one of the webinar series. The webinars are easily accessible for everyone and offer a complete overview of the new PKIsigning.  You will be introduced to the new user interface and you will learn how to smartly use the new functions.
Useful: you can ask questions directly to the team of designers.
Be optimally prepared and improve productivity by enrolling.




The webinar for end users is a basic explanation for everyone, no matter in what branch you work or which specific functions you use.


The webinar for administrators and key users is for users that manage organisation settings and are responsible for PKIsigning within the organisation.


The webinar for accountants is focused on audit & assurance departments and goes deeper into specific aspects like audit reports and SBR Assurance.


You can enrol in multiple or all webinars, so you touch on all aspects. If you fulfil multiple roles within the organisation, this is a smart choice.

Are you not using PKIsigning yet?

Discover why our platform is developing rapidly and why over 200 companies and organizations have already placed their trust in PKIsigning in a short time. Experience it for yourself.